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Firefox 125

Latest version of the Mozilla Browser with a revamped look and lots of improved features. This version has a stronger focus on privacy and security protection.
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Firefox represents a significant leap forward in web browsing technology. Known for its speed, security, and customization options, Firefox has long been a favourite among users who value a fast, secure, and personalized internet experience. The newest iteration of this browser brings a revamped look and a host of improved features, with a particular emphasis on privacy and security protection. One of the standout features of Firefox is its enhanced focus on user privacy. The browser offers Private Browsing with Tracking Protection, which gives users the option to block additional trackers, safeguarding their online activities from unwanted surveillance. This feature is particularly important in an era where online privacy concerns are at an all-time high. Firefox also boasts improved API support for m4v video playback, enhancing the multimedia experience for users. This improvement is part of Firefox's ongoing commitment to providing a seamless and rich browsing experience, whether users are watching videos, playing games, or simply browsing the web. Another significant update in Firefox is the availability of a 64-bit version for Windows. This version offers enhanced performance and stability, making the most of modern hardware capabilities. Users can also enjoy the convenience of search suggestions from the Awesome Bar, improving the efficiency of their browsing experience. The browser's interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate the web. Firefox is known for its fast page loading times and efficient memory management, ensuring a smooth and responsive browsing experience. Additionally, Firefox prioritizes user privacy with features like Enhanced Tracking Protection and offers robust security updates to protect against the latest online threats. Firefox supports a vast array of add-ons and extensions, allowing users to tailor their browser to suit their individual needs. Whether it's for productivity, entertainment, or security, Firefox's extensive library of extensions provides users with the tools they need to customize their browsing experience. It is a powerful and versatile web browser that offers a perfect blend of speed, security, and customization. With its focus on privacy, enhanced performance, and user-friendly interface, Firefox remains a top choice for those seeking a reliable and customizable web browsing experience.

Firefox 125

Browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.
The new Microsoft Edge browser is based on the Chromium engine and it is compatible with all supported Windows versions.
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OpenVPN Connect is a full-featured VPN Client that works with VPN servers supporting the OpenVPN protocol. You can use it to protect your privacy or to circumvent geofencing and other regional restrictions.
With Hola Browser (formerly Hola VPN) you can access websites which are blocked in your country and accelerate your Internet.
Latest version of the Mozilla Browser with a revamped look and lots of improved features. This version has a stronger focus on privacy and security protection.
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